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New Website

Rodney has been hard at work to get the new website up and running before the Darkmoon Herald crew starts the journey up to BlizzCon. Hopefully he has worked out all the kinks and everything works, because none of us want this be part of the Sideshow of Suck.


Con Before The Storm - BlizzCon 2017

Kevin and Rodney (and let's not forget Newtrall) are on their ways up to Anaheim to celebrate all things Blizzard. Look for two grown men in purple tophats walking around the convention floor or participating with other podcasters at Con Before The Storm. Don't be shy, but do watch out - they bite.

Check out Ringmaster Kevin as he participates in The Storm panel on Saturday November 3rd, Time 1:00pm-2:30pm PT in the AIE Guild Hall, of the Hilton!