Meet the Team

Founded in San Diego, Californa in 2015, WEBDEVABLE partners with startups and businesses to customize and improve their online footprint. We know the true importance of a website and are committed to providing excellent customer service so that you can better serve your customers.

Rodney Gauna Photo

Rodney Gauna


Rodney designs, codes, and works closely with our clients in building what you need or want. Rodney founded WEBDEVABLE, a web design and web app startup in 2015 to do what he loved - working with businesses to tailor and build their web techologies. Rodney started his professional career as a Firefighter/EMT in Southern California, learned to code on his own, and combined the best of both worlds by consulting on Health Information Technology endevours. Rodney is certified by UCSD as a Front End Developer and User Experience Designer. When not coding, Rodney enjoys spending time with his wife and the Founder Supervisors.
Boogie and Gizmo Photo

Boogie, Gizmo, and Freddie

Founder Supervisors

Boogie, Gizmo, and Freddie have been part of team even before WEBDEVABLE was founded. In their time with Rodney and team, they have been homing their skills of watching over all projects and lunches. In their spare time, the Founder Supervisors enjoy napping by the team's desks and delicious treats.